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Rhythm & lead Workouts

Rock Workouts is the latest inspirational guitar program from master guitar educator, Robbie Calvo. Most of you will already know Robbie's extensive lesson catalog on Truefire. Robbie has also produced 5 independent courses and original course content with industry leaders Brett Papa and Erich Andreas.
This extensive program covers 5 original rock grooves, the rhythm guitar parts, overdubs and harmony and theory for each track...all delivered in a relaxed, concise and easy to apply format. In the lead guitar section of workouts you'll be given the best scale, arpeggio and phrasing approaches for each track and then set a series of improvisational workouts.
You'll be guided towards developing compelling hooks and motifs, packaging them into 'one-take' 8 and 16 bar solos. Robbie's unique workout program gives you multiple track variations and looped 8 bar 'takes' so that you can track your progress in real time.
In addition to the solo workouts, there are two sections, per track, covering lead position and along the fretboard to create the perfect outro solo's.
What you'll love the most is just how cool the tracks are to play over...
You'll just want to keep jamming!
This program works at your level...Only know one scale shape? problem! 
Robbie shows you how to maximize the tools you already have for the best possible results.
Consequently, the intermediate and pro-level player will be guided to use all of their shapes...independently or connected along the fretboard. 
what you get in the download
Check out with Paypal and I'll personally send you the download links. This is a comprehensive course and the files are huge. Please be patient with the download.
Windows Users...If you have any problems un-zipping the files please use WINRAR
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