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A native of London, England, guitarist Robbie Calvo has been a professional musician, recording sessions, teaching and performing in the United States for more than twenty years.

Robbie is a Nashville session player, live performer, songwriter and master guitar educator and An alumni of G.I.T, In Hollywood,



Calvo’s pedigree as a musician is well established, earning him countless accolades and awards for his contributions and performances as a guitarist, songwriter and music director. Notable works include countless recording projects with the B.B.C., ITV and PBS networks creating television themes and the ABC network for live television productions.


Robbie’s primary passion is for education, however, and his work as a master educator has earned him international acclaim as one of the most sought after instructors walking the planet today. Robbie has 22 guitar instructional DVD’s published with the worlds largest music education company, Truefire. All of which have resided on the company’s ‘best sellers’ list.

Robbie works with Yamaha Guitars hosting National Guitar workshops at Yamaha Guitar Pro Dealer Locations across the United States.

Robbie teaches inspirational content for guitarists and demonstrates the new line of Revstar Electrics , A-Series Acoustics and the innovative Silent Guitars

Robbie performs 200 live shows a year as a solo artist, looping percussion, guitar and vocals...continues to provide new and exciting video content for guitar product manufacturers and unique teaching concepts to inspire the performing musician.

Calvo’s legacy of Nashville penned songs are receiving radio play with country artists and he is constantly co-writing, recording, producing TV themes with renowned English composer Dave Cooke.

Calvo is truly an artisan, a productive dreamer and creative powerhouse manifesting artistry wherever his hands fall. 

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